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About SWAN Shipping Corporation.

What is SWAN?

Ship management operates in a very competitive and highly regulated business environment  that calls for a management team that brings to the fore a highly skilled and professional personnel with utmost dedication to safe, reliable  and trusted service. With requirements to ship manning and shipping getting more stringent every year, principals and ship owners are now stricter and partner only with those who can offer them the best qualified personnel and company to manage their vessels.  

SWAN Shipping Corporation has the necessary experience and expertise hinged on one man's vision of making the country a ship management hub in Asia. SWAN Shipping Corporation , is a 100 percent Filipino owned and subsidiary company of  the Southwest Maritime Group of Companies under Mr. Arben Santos, who is a pioneering Filipino entrepreneur in the field of shipping with experience that spans four decades. Coupled with a reputation for quality and excellence, built on trust and loyalty to its numerous clientele, both domestic and foreign, SWAN caters to the most demanding clients and prospective partners in the business.

SWAN Shipping Corporation is dedicated to providing safe, efficient and environment-friendly ship management services and continues to attain this objective by recruiting only qualified personnel, proper vessel maintenance, handling and transporting cargoes with utmost care and providing timely and effective management support.

SWAN Shipping Corporation is committed to a service worthy of the reputation it earned  from decades of excellent total package as one of the first Filipino owned ship management company in the country. Clients that include some of the biggest names in shipping from Japan and Singapore has given it solid credence as a dependable and professional company committed to quality service, a reputation SWAN Shipping Corporation carries up to now.   

Management Reviews History of the Company:
25 May 1999 Shell
22-23 May 2002 Shell
5-6 May 2004  Shell
8-9 May 2007 Shell
16-17 September 2008 ConocoPhillips
15 Jun 2009 Shell
29-30 April 2010 Petrobras
6-7 May 2010 Petron
17-18 May 2010 Shell
27-28 May 2010 Statoil
14-15 February 2011 Statoil
15-16 September 2011 Petron
20 Mar 2012 MOL
18-19 April 2013 Shell  
06 November 2014
Iino Lines Ltd.
22 Mar 2016 Shell


Key Personnel

Arben Santos
Rene Santos
Vice President
Racquelito “Bong” Salas
Racquelito “Bong”  Salas
MD Operations / DPA
Crisanto Camacho
Crisanto  Camacho
MD Technical
Ronello Espina
Technical Manager
Luis Laurente
Safety Officer/MS


We offer our clients a “Total Ship Management Concept.”

Latest News

SWM Stella Del Mar - Mon, 13 March 2017
SWAN Shipping Corporation



SWM Stella Del Mar















Jasmine Coral



Latest addition to our fleet, LPG Laura that we took delivery on September 12, 2017


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Vessel Name Type GRT Owner Age
Corinthian Gas Carrier 5849 Yassan. SJ. Shipping S.A./Fuji Iron Works 2
Diamond Coral Gas Carrier 3,419 Coral Canal S.A 10
Emmanuel Gas Carrier 5844 Proceed Shipping S.A./Maki Kisen Co., Ltd. 6
Flamengo Gas Carrier 5841 Kantama Shipping S.A. 6
Gremio Gas Carrier 5859 Yaoki Shipping S.A. 3
Jasmine Coral Gas Carrier 3450 Coral Canal S.A. 3
Louis Gas Carrier 5849 Hakushin Panama SA/Fuji Iron Works/Tachibanaya Co Ltd. 2
LPG Laura Gas Carrier 4045 Seatrans Corporation 16
Orchid Coral Gas Carrier 3418 Coral Canal S.A. 7
Oriental Oki Gas Carrier 4484 Iino Shipping Asia Pte. Ltd. 11
Plumeria Coral Gas Carrier 4289 Coral Canal SA 1
Sigas Ingrid Gas Carrier 4279 Eight River Shipping S.A. 10

Fleet Age Segment

Lesser Than 5 YRS (5 Vessels)
5 to 10 YRS (5 Vessels)
11-15 YRS (1 Vessels)

Fleet Type Segment

Product Tanker (0 Vessels)
Gas Carrier (12 Vessels)

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SWAN Shipping Corp.
3/F S & L Bldg. 1500 Roxas Blvd.
Ermita, Manila 1000, Philippines


Tel No.(+632) 526-8718 to 19

Fax No.(+632) 522-6317